Exclusive NY Special!
1+1 - Buy one coffee and get a free Latte for your friend.

Purchase an oodi SIM or renew your plan for 30,000 IQD and above to enjoy a complimentary coffee. Receive a promo code from oodi via SMS or PUSH and savor a 1+1 Coffee Delight at Ridha Alwan☕. Limited offer! Hurry up!

If you're interested, here are the details about High Five

How it works?

Step 1

Renew your plan with oodi for 30,000 IQD or more, it is very simple

Step 2

You’ll receive your code within the next 7 days at the latest

Step 3

Visit Ridha Alwan, show your promo code at the counter, enjoy a free Cafe Latte

How to buy a new plan?

oodi Cutomer

Step 1

Go to oodi app now
and top up your line

Step 2

Choose your plan starting from 30,000 IQD or more, and press subscribe

Hurry up! The offer is available until stock lasts. Limited time only!

Purchase a new SIM or renew your line with a 30,000 IQD plan and above, and not only enjoy a complimentary Cafe Latte at Ridha Alwan, but also bring a friend along for the coffee joy!

Where can I visit Ridha Alwan?

Baghdad- Al-Karada
Karada Dakhl – near Abu Aklam gas station
Baghdad- Zayouna
Zayouna – near the intersection of the spring bridge
Adhamiya – Street Al- Dhbat
Baghdad- Eastern Karada
Eastern Karada – Direct Selling Point (Wholesale – Single)
Baghdad- Al Jamiaa Street
Hay Al Jamiaa- Al Rabeaa Street
Baghdad- Al- Harthiyah
Al- Harthiyah- Al- Kindi street near to Al- Ameerat hospital
Baghdad- Al- Yarmouk
4 streets- near to Al- Qahtan yard
Baghdad- Al-Mansur
Al-Mansur- Al- Ameerat street
Baghdad-Al- Mansour
Al- Mansour-Beirut Street – Drive thru
Baghdad- Al- a’amiriyah
Al- a’amiriyah- Al-a’amal al-sheabie street near to hay Al-Jehad bridge
Al- Sayidiyah
Al- Sayidiyah- 34 street
Baghdad- Meswag hypermarket
Meswag hypermarket- Al-Dora highway
Karbala- Hay Al-hussain, Almaslaha street, near Ali Al Adeeb intersection
Karbala- Al-Harith mall, Al jema’aiyah
  1. How do I select a plan that fits my needs?
    Select the plan that best fits your specific needs and budget. You have the flexibility to choose the perfect one for you. For more options, explore the oodi app by clicking here!
  2. How long will the offer be available?
    The offer is available for a limited time, so make sure to renew your plan and claim your coffeeshop code before the promotion ends.

  3. How can I top up and renew my plan?
    you can see all the details from here

  4. What are the details of this offer?
    When you renew your oodi plan or join oodi with a plan priced at 30,000 IQD or more, you will receive a coffee shop code within 7 days, for a complimentary café latte.

  5. Is there a limit on how many times I can redeem coffeeshop code?
    You can redeem the code only once.

  6. Are there more benefits to joining the oodi family?
    Absolutely! This is just one of the many advantages of being an oodi customer. We are committed to meeting all your needs and providing exceptional service every step of the way.


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