What is oodi?​

oodi is a digital lifestyle service provider. oodi provides innovative telco and digital products through its application.oodi gives flexibility and is simple to use; Customers can choose one of the hundreds of telco bundles (mix of data, voice, and SMS) and additionally buy ad-on or digital vouchers considering their lifestyle (social media, gaming, entertainment, etc.) Customers can purchase the services through their balance.Balance can be topped up in three ways: Voucher, Zain cash, and credit card.oodi application is available for IOS and android mobile phones.

What will this app do with user data?

The only user data received is name and email. These will be saved, encrypted and re-displayed to the user in the mobile application. The email will be used to communicate with the users according to their application activities. The email will be used to identify the user in the system, whereas the name is used for personalization perspective

Terms & Conditions

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