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Up to 60% OFF

on Make up, Skincare

30% OFF

on Perfumes

What are the details for this exclusive offer?

Offer 1

Renew Your Plan for

Up to 30,000 IQD

Get a 50% Discount

on Makeup and Skincare

at Alaa cosmetic.


Offer 2

Renew Your Plan

for 30,000 IQD or More

Enjoy a 60% Discount on Makeup and Skincare

Plus, Get 30% Off on Perfumes.

at Alaa Cosmetic.

What are the steps to get this offer?

Step 1

Renew your plan for up to 30,000 IQD or more. 

Step 2

You will receive a code within one week by SMS, please keep it for your reference.

Step 3

Visit any of the two Alaa Cosmetics locations, present the message you’ve received including the code, addresses:
1. Al-Harithiya
2. Hay Al-Jami

What are the addresses of Alaa Cosmetics?

Alaa Cosmetics has two locations:

Al-Harithiya: Al-Kindi Street

Hay Al-Jami’a: opposite to AlKoukh

These locations serve all your beauty needs, offering a wide range of top global brands and exclusive discounts for oodi customers.

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1- When I will get the offer?

Just renew your plan with up to 30,000 IQD or more and you will get an SMS with a code within 7 days.

2- How can I top up and renew my plan?

you can see all the details from here.

3- How can I redeem the discount? 

Visit any of the two Alaa Cosmetics locations, present the SMS you have received,


  1. Al-Harithiya
  2. Hay Al-Jami’a

4- Is there a limit on how many times I can redeem the code? 

Customers can redeem the code only once.

5- The offered discounts are 30% and 60%. Are these percentages applied to the total bill, or is there a monetary limit to which the discount can be applied? 

The discount can be applied to either a single item purchase or the entire bill. It will be applied to the total amount.

6- What Is Alaa cosmetic?

Alaa Cosmetics is a chain established in 2019. Its first location opened in Al-Harithiya, followed by a branch in the Al-Jami’a neighborhood, complemented by a beauty center. Alaa Cosmetics is a pioneer in introducing top global brands in the cosmetics industry and is renowned for its significant discounts and year-round promotions. Their skilled team is dedicated to ensuring the utmost professionalism to meet customer satisfaction

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