WIN all the time with oodi!

We’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to win big with every purchase of a booster or add-on.

  • our instant prizes include extra data, minutes, and SMS to enhance connectivity. You can get them whenever you buy a booster or add-on. 
  • while our lottery boasts grand prizes, which are different every month, you can get with every ticket you win whenever you buy a booster or add-on.


Join us today or stay with us to see the magic of oodi.

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Welcome to our exclusive WIN with oodi offer!

Instant prizes

Every time you purchase an add-on or boosters, you’ll have the chance to win big instantly.

With every add-on or booster, you could instantly win data ranging from 500 MB to 5 GB, minutes from 20 to 200, and even 200 SMS.

Big prizes

But that’s not all!

Every time you buy an add-on or booster, you’ll also receive a ticket that will enter you into our lottery for the chance to win incredible big prizes.

You buy as many boosters and add-ons, as many tickets as possible you will get.

Discover our Big Prizes this month!
iPad pro 11!

Go to the oodi app now and start to WIN with oodi!

WIN with oodi!
Buy a booster or add-ons, and you are in!

buy a booster

Step 1

Go to oodi app and access “Home screen.”
Select from there “Boost.” It’s straightforward.

Step 2

Once you buy the booster, a coin will pop up, and you must scratch it.

Step 3

You can immediately see your instant prize and your ticket for lottery participation.

Go to the oodi app now and start to WIN with oodi!

Welcome to our exclusive WIN with oodi offer!

Instant prizes

At our company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service.

To date, we’ve given away countless instant prizes, such as
Millions of minutes
Millions of GBs 
Thousands of SMSs

And we’ve awarded Tens of big prizes to lucky winners just like you.

Don't just take our word for it - hear from some of our satisfied customers.

“oodi has truly exceeded my expectations. I’ve won multiple instant prizes and even had the chance to enter their lottery for a chance to win an iPad Pro. Their add-ons and boosters have been a game-changer for my connectivity!”

“I was hesitant to try a new service, but oodi blew me away with their instant prizes and incredible lottery options. Plus, their customer service is top-notch!”

“I’ve never had a better mobile experience with oodi. Their add-ons and boosters have made my life easier, and their prizes are just the cherry on top!”

Join the ranks of these satisfied customers and discover the magic of oodi for yourself.

You never know - you could be the next big winner!

1. How can I play WIN with oodi?
After buying a booster or add-ons, find Win with oodi on the oodi home page. Scratch your available scratch by clicking on the coin and redeem the prize on the designated spot within the app.
2. Which language can I play?
oodi app supports three languages Arabic, English, and Kurdish. You can choose what you prefer to enjoy using the game.
3. Should I pay something to play Win with oodi?
Win with oodi is a service with no subscription required and is free.
4. Can you share some details about trails?
  • You can see the number of trials on the page of Win with oodi.
  • Where the trials are available, you can see a coin with gold color, and when you scratch it, you will start seeing a gift box showing the instant prize and transferring you to the “you won“ page to see the details the award.
  • When the trails are unavailable, the coin will be in grey with a “how to win “ option. Then will transfer you to the instructional page with all the “win with oodi” service details. The available prizes and the gifts that already won.


5. What is the maximum number of scratches available per month?
You are granted 20 attempts to scratch the game each month.

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