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  • To take advantage of this amazing offer, all you need to do is purchase a plan priced at 15,000 IQD or more. Once you’ve done that, you unlock not just one, but two incredible offers.

oodi is excited to present an exclusive offer that will enhance your movie-watching experience like never before.

To enjoy this fantastic offer, simply purchase a plan priced at 15,000 IQD or more.
By doing so, you gain access to not one, but two incredible discounts:

Buy One,
Get One Free

Elevate your cinema outing with a 50% discount on two tickets! Yes, when you purchase one ticket through the oodi app, you’ll receive another ticket absolutely free.

It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a movie with a friend or loved one while saving big.

30% Discount
on Individual Tickets

Prefer a solo movie experience? We’ve got you covered! With oodi, you’ll receive an incredible 30% discount on any single cinema ticket.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Iraqi cinema at an unbeatable price.

The cost of the add-on will be deducted from your oodi app balance.

If you're interested, here are the details about High Five

Step 1

Go to the oodi app and buy or renew your line with 15,000+ IQD plan

Step 2

Go to add-ons section, select the Iraqi Cinema offer that suits you, and you will receive SMS with promocode

Step 3

Show the code to the cinema employee or Open Iraqi cinema app, select the movie and book your seat

Step 4

Show your booking ID at the cinema counter, and voila!

Go to the oodi app now and subscribe!

1. What is the offer of Iraqi cinema from oodi ?

You can get two incredible offers of Iraqi cinema,
1- Buy one get one for free, when you purchase one ticket, you will recieve another ticket for free.
2- 30% on individual tickets. 

2. How can I get benift from the offer?

All you need is to have an active plan with a price of 15,000 IQD or more and then follow the steps:

  • open oodi app and go to add-ons section.
  • select the offer that you prefer and press “pay now”
  • you will receive an SMS and email shortly.
  • open Iraqi cinema app, select the movie and book your ticket and seat.
  • Show the booking ID at the cinema counter.
3. How much should I pay to get the offer?

We have two incredible offers:

  • Buy one get one free: all you need is to pay 10,000 IQD from your oodi balance
  • One ticket-30% discount: all you need is to pay 7,000 IQD from your oodi balance. 

4- How many times can I buy Iraqi cinema tickets with discounts form oodi app?

You can buy 5 times within your active plan validity.

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